Bathtubs can get dirty. See 10 ways to clean them

December 12, 2023



All you need to remove bathtub soap scum is baking soda, hydrogen peroxide and a little time. Just mix the baking soda and hydrogen peroxide in equal parts, and then gently apply to the tub. Wait one hour, and then rinse clean.
5. Clean the shower head
Many bathtubs contain a shower. Over time, hard water and minerals can build up and cause a shower head to loose spray or even begin spraying in weird angles. Use a plastic bag to soak the shower head in a safe, homemade cleaning solution and save time and money.
6. Wipe the tracks
If you have sliding doors on your bathtub, you’ve noticed that grime likes to build up there. This tutorial shows you how to clean your sliding windows, but it can easily be applied to sliding bathtub doors. All it takes is white vinegar, baking soda and a little work to get the grime out of your sliding doors.
7. Use a little heat
It’s a very popular trend to use vinegar and Dawn dishwashing liquid to maintain a clean bathtub and shower. However, you still have to scrub a bit to remove stubborn soap scum and grime. Sublime Decor has discovered if you heat the vinegar first, the solution works with no scrubbing. See how she does it here.
7. Clean your grout

Your tile backsplash surrounding your tub can get mildewed and stained. Create a fizzy cleaner by using baking soda and vinegar to power through the mess for easier scrubbing. Making Lemonade Blog used this method on her floor, but it works for your bathtub surroundings as well.
8. Freshen the shower curtain
You do not need to throw away a perfectly good shower curtain just because it looks a bit dirty. Bitzngiggles says you can put it in the washing machine. Her tutorial shows you how to use towels to protect your shower curtain from damage in the machine.
9. Essential oil bathtub cleaner
Essential oils have lots of wonderful properties for cleaning and disinfecting. Home Jobs by Mom uses lemon essential oil as an ingredient in her super-charged bathroom cleaner. She recommends gently heating the cleaning solution for the best results.
10. Take it step by step
Very Mom finds the ingredients in most homemade bathtub cleaners to be very effective. However, she doesn’t simply mix them together. She uses a process that splits the ingredients up into two separate steps for the best results. See how she does it here.

You don’t need to scrub when you use great products that do the work for you. Share how these tutorials helped you get a sparking bathtub with your friends and family on Facebook.

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