Bathtubs can get dirty. See 10 ways to clean them

December 12, 2023


It’s strange to think that a space designed for cleaning you can actually get so dirty. Soap and dirt can build up over time. Hard water and minerals can stain. Your bathtub may not look brand-new anymore, but it doesn’t have to stay that way.
Many inexpensive ways exist to restore a stained bathtub to a like-new finish. You may need to get down and scrub, but it’s be worth it. These helpful tutorials help you reduce the scrubbing and get back to your bubble baths.

1. Remove stubborn rust
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Rust stains build up over time from the iron in your water. Try a simple mixture of borax and lemon to remove rust stains from a bathtub. First, sprinkle borax over the rust. Rub half a lemon over it until a paste forms. Have the paste soak in for 20 minutes or so. Wipe and rinse down.
2. Erase stubborn stains
One blogger had a clean bathtub, but it was horrifically stained. What’s better than try out a few home remedies to see what actually removes stubborn stains? Bleach had failed, as did many others. The winner was borax.
3. Wipe off hard water stains

Those white spots that simply won’t be erased from your beautiful bathtub fixtures are hard water stains. They seem to disappear while the metal is wet, only to return when it dries. Try using vinegar to remove hard water stains.
4. Get rid of soap scum

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