Why would you put a bowl of marbles in your yard? Here’s a life-changing hack

December 11, 2023


Why Use Marbles?

Safe Landing Pad: Marbles offer bees a stable place to land and access water without the risk of falling in.

Drowning Prevention: The uneven surface created by the marbles keeps bees from drowning, enabling safe and easy water access.

Aesthetic Value: Marbles can enhance the beauty of a garden, sparkling under sunlight and adding a decorative touch.

Setting Up Your Own Bee-Watering Station:

Choose a shallow, wide bowl or dish, preferably one that’s weather-resistant.

Fill the bowl with water, ensuring the marbles are slightly above the water level.

Cover the bowl’s surface with marbles.

Place the bowl in a calm area of your yard, near bee-attracting plants.

Regularly clean the marbles and change the water to maintain hygiene and prevent mosquitoes.


A bowl of marbles in the yard is more than a quirky garden feature; it’s a meaningful gesture to aid bees, our indispensable pollinators. By setting up a bee-watering station, you not only contribute to the wellbeing of bees but also add an element of charm to your garden. This simple act is a step towards preserving the health of bees and, by extension, our own food supply and natural ecosystems.

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