Here’s what it means if you spot a penny lodged in your car door handle

January 26, 2024


What Should You Do If You Suspect Foul Play?

So, you might be wondering, what’s a DIY-savvy car owner to do when they suspect foul play with their car door? Fear not; I’ve got you covered with some practical DIY tips to outwit the car thief:

1. Inspect the Passenger Car Door Handle:

If your key isn’t cooperating, don your DIY detective hat and inspect the passenger side door handle. Look for any foreign objects, such as that cunning penny, that might be blocking the mechanism.

2. Stay on High Alert:

Keep your DIY senses sharp and your eyes peeled on your surroundings. If something feels off, trust your gut. Don’t hesitate to ask for help or call someone to meet you at your car if you sense trouble.

3. No Quick Returns:

If your car door remains stubbornly locked, resist the urge to head back to it immediately. Instead, seek out a well-lit, populated area and reach out for assistance. Car thieves prefer to strike when you’re alone or distracted.

4. Contact the Authorities:

If you uncover signs of tampering or suspect someone is tampering with your car, DIY your way to safety by calling the police immediately. They’re experts at handling such situations and ensuring your security.


5. Fortify Your Ride:

To dissuade car thieves from even thinking about targeting your precious vehicle, consider adding some DIY anti-theft measures. An anti-theft system or a trusty steering wheel lock can add extra layers of security and make your car far less appealing to those cunning criminals.

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